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Are you looking for a memorable learning experience for your elementary students?

Victor is available to visit your classroom for a book reading, Q&A and signing. 

Topics covered:


1. Introduction & about the author

2. Book reading/audio & interactive Q&A

3. Creative Writing Process

4. Picture Book Process

5. Reason for writing, "Landon's First Taekwon-Do Lesson"

6. Entrepreneurship

7. Final questions

8. Thank you & closing

9. Book signing & photos with students with purchased books

We strongly believe that all of our children have a gift for this world. We are put on this earth to live our life to our full potential.

I always tell me students; put your passion, mind and heart to your work. When you do that, life just gets so much easier!


Step 1:

Contact us to request a local visit and find some available date options. In your inquiry, please include school name, grade(s) and location

Step 2:

Download our Book Order form and distribute it to your students. Please have them returned 3 days prior to the Author's visit. This will give your students an opportunity to purchase a signed copy.


If parents have already purchased a book (Recommended), they are more than welcome to bring in their books for signing. 

Step 3:

Confirm number of Book Orders with us via e-mail 3 days prior to visit.


Victor will need:

1. A projector to show Book material (Audio animation Story)

2. A microphone for a large group (Auditorium)

3. Setup location

4. Order forms with student's payment

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