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Our Unforgettable​



It's Halloween, and Landon and Leah couldn't be more excited. They devise a plan as a family, to give trick-or-treaters both a trick and a treat. Like a well-oiled up machine, they work together to give their friends and neighbors a good scare.


With a series of clever tricks and impeccable teamwork, the family gives trick-or-treaters a unique, haunted mansion experience. So, come and join them on this spooky and exciting adventure. Halloween can't come soon enough!


Our Unforgettable Halloween is a poem which tells the story of Landon, Leah, and their family as they decide to create a fun haunted house to celebrate Halloween. Each trick-or-treater who comes to their house is entertained with a fun and slightly scary show before they reach their end destination – Halloween candy.


The Haunted House is just scary enough to enthrall its visitors, but not so scary that the trick-or-treaters run away in fear.

Victor Teran’s Our Unforgettable Halloween is apt to get readers of all ages excited and ready for this year’s Halloween festivities. I loved seeing how the entire family gets involved in making this year’s celebration a special one and particularly enjoyed seeing how each family member is costumed, especially Mom, who is dressed as Medusa. The faces on the trick-or-treaters as they listen to Dad’s spectral invitation and consider whether they dare enter are priceless -- as is seeing the faces on Leah and Landon and their parents as they await their first victims. And yes, there’s slime and crawling hands, and lots of fun for everyone. Our Unforgettable Halloween is a marvelous way to get into the Halloween mood this year; it’s most highly recommended.

Jack Magnus


Our Unforgettable Halloween is a fun story of a family pranking trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Author Victor Teran has created a rhyming story that children will enjoy reading alone or with a parent. Bound to become a classic seasonal book, I think children will read it again and again. And don’t be surprised if they try a trick or two. The full-color illustrations will help to draw children into the book and the expressive faces help to convey the action. Strong, bold colors fill the pages, but I also like the comic-style pages with panels representing individual scenes. This is a book that children and parents will read often because of the rhyming and fun story accompanied by lovely artwork. This book is bound to become a holiday favorite and should adorn shelves in school, public, and home libraries.

Barbara Fanson



Everything about this book was absolutely adorable and perfect for young children. With Halloween right around the corner, Our Unforgettable Halloween is such a fun book that really captures the exhilarating experience of trick-or-treating for kids everywhere. The entire book is beautifully made, from the writing to the illustrations. Victor Teran did a wonderful job with the illustrations on each page, and I think the rhythm of the book really drives the story and makes it an easy read for all young kids. For parents who are working with their children and teaching them how to read, this could be a great stepping stone. The language is simple, and the story reads like a song due to the lyrical manner in which it is written. Our Unforgettable Halloween has put me in the mood for October, and I think it could get other kids really excited about dressing up and trick-or-treating. This was a super cute book, and I cannot recommend it enough for children.

Rylanne Burdette

Our Unforgettable Halloween by Victor Teran is like an exciting Halloween party filled with costumes, candy, tricks, and treats. It is entertaining to see all of the trick-or-treaters dressed in colorful costumes, as well as their reactions to the frights and surprises awaiting them in the haunted house. The many rhyming words throughout this poem will make it fun for parents and caregivers to read aloud, and for children to listen to. I liked that each potentially scary part of the haunted mansion was described, and a family member was shown creating the spooky moment. I think young readers will enjoy seeing how the family works behind the scenes to create a mysterious and ghostly experience. Our Unforgettable Halloween is a highly recommended read that celebrates all the joy that Halloween can bring.

Melinda Facal

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