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Our Bedtime Routine​


This children’s book  is all about bedtime routines. A young boy named Landon narrates the story, and shares with readers what he and his 18-month-old baby sister, Leah, do every night before bed.


Landon shares the six things in his bedtime routine, and asks the readers related questions about their own bedtime routines. 


This story focuses on creating positive bedtime habits. The importance of reading and learning, cleanliness, brushing teeth, and the love and support they have from their parents.

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Victor Teran’s picture book story, Our Bedtime Routine, is a fun way to introduce to young readers the importance of having a routine and following it. It also reinforces the importance of each part of the routine, like brushing one’s teeth and reading, and/or sharing, bedtime stories as a family. The book is laid out like an organized list, complete with the numbers identifying each step of the routine. Colorful illustrations help present the developing plot and make the story fun to follow. As well as learning about routines, young readers will learn about numbers, what they look like and what they mean. They will also learn a bit about categorizing and listing steps in a specific procedure, in this case, the bedtime routine. This book is a clever, fun way to introduce many concepts to young readers.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford


Teran does a splendid job of creating a bedtime routine for his family that builds a solid family structure. His routine includes tidying up the clutter of playtime by putting all of their toys into their proper places, putting on their favorite pajamas, brushing their teeth, storytime, and most of all, showing each other affection with their family hugs. The author's telling of this bedtime routine through Landon is a testament to great family values for a happy, loving, and responsible family. Our Bedtime Routine is one of the best parental guides that I have ever read. I highly recommend it and plan on introducing Victor Teran's Bedtime Routine to my family. Thank you for this solid foundation of wisdom.

Stephen Fisher



Our Bedtime Routine is a simple, easy to read story about establishing routines at bedtime, one that is destined to become a favorite bedtime story or guidebook. The main character, Landon, lists the six things he and his little sister Leah do each night to prepare for bed. The hope is that your children will adopt their own routine or borrow from this one. The six actions reinforce positive bedtime habits like story reading, cleanliness, brushing teeth, and loving your family. Throw in a silly Dad who sings and you have a wonderful, loving story with a happy ending. Author Victor Teran has created a book the whole family will enjoy reading and acting out the routine.

The illustrations are fun, colorful, and inviting. The bright, bold artwork fills each page and encourages readers to open it. Without realizing it, this story is a counting book, too! The numbers from 1 to 6 are shown and spelled so children might learn to count while reading the story with a parent. I like the element of surprise before Landon reveals number 6 … “before you turn the page, you must promise you will do it too.” To add an interactive component to the story, children could act out the routine, count the fingers on Leah’s hands on page 4, read the number, count the toothbrushes, how many times do you see the teddy bear, and what object represents the number. Parents and children will love Our Bedtime Routine, which is destined to become a classic to be read over and over again.

Barbara Fanson

Our Bedtime Routine introduces Landon and Leah’s bedtime ritual to young readers. Teran’s story is upbeat and inspiring, and it may motivate kids and caregivers to adopt some of these routines for themselves. While sharing what Landon and Leah do before bedtime, the author also introduces counting from one to six, beginning with Leah proudly displaying three fingers on each hand and going on from there. Each number is imaginatively displayed. I especially liked the idea of the kids getting three stories at bedtime, and would have to agree with Landon who considered it his favorite part of the routine. The illustrations accompanying the text are bright and colorful, and they bring daughter, son, and father to life most brilliantly. Our Bedtime Routine is highly recommended.

Jack Magnus

It's important for anyone, adults and children alike, to have their own bedtime routine. That's why Landon and Leah are going to share their bedtime routine with you and your child in six easy steps! Everything from tidying their room and putting away toys to brushing their teeth and, most important of all, giving goodnight hugs. Landon and Leah are there in beautiful, simple designs to inspire your bedtime routine in Victor Teran's children's book, Our Bedtime Routine.

I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there who struggle with getting their kids into bed without drama and a mess. Our Bedtime Routine by Victor Teran is sure to come to the rescue! The illustrations are sweet and joyful and Landon and Leah are instant best friends with any young reader. The book is simple enough for even the younger tots to enjoy, but the message is important to apply to a wide range of ages. Six easy steps may be all it takes to turn bedtime mayhem into an organized affair and kids will enjoy the process! 

I do have to take a moment to show appreciation for the little details that make this picture book shine. The father making up his own songs makes me think fondly of my own dad. And the creative ways the numbers are illustrated on the page are insanely adorable. This would be a worthy addition to any child's bookshelf, especially for families with two or more children who are struggling with finding that balance at bedtime.

Samantha Coville

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